About Revolver Fitness

Introducing The Revolver, a rotational fitness system with adjustable resistance based on one of the body’s most challenging exercises, the pull-up.

Our goal as a company is to design products that maximize function, improve user experience and enhance performance. Our first product, the Maxx Bench, changes the way you lift weights as the world’s safest weight bench. It is our desire to bring you to new levels of fitness and motivate you to press your limits and evolve.

the pull-up has evolved


Occupying the same foot print as a standard pull-up bar, the Revolver creates the opportunity for an infinite amount of new and challenging exercises. Bring some excitement to your workouts!

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The Revolver Fitness System

The Revolver is the world’s first rotational fitness system with adjustable resistance … designed for more than just pull-ups.

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Mount the Revolver at any height and create endless workout possibilities. Perform exercises never before possible.


Feel the intense power of bi-directional rotating bars set to any level of adjustable resistance.


With two adjustable resistance control knobs, all athletes can dial in the perfect resistance for every exercise.


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